We have closed our Bahamas location

Compass Point Studios™ ceased operations in Nassau as of the
end of September, 2010 because of a series of incidents…socio-political-based
happenings which made it untenable to continue doing public business in The Bahamas.

Those involved in the historical operation of Compass Point will continue
their work within the music business, just as always before...simply not in The Bahamas.

Thank you so much to all of the Artists, Engineers, Producers,
labels, and crews who have cohabited with us in our iconic studios.
The relationships we have forged with so many of you will be cherished forever.

Please note that anyone operating forthwith in or near the old Nassau studio building,
or claiming to be any part of Compass Point Studios,
ARE NOT involved in any way with the historic Compass Point Studios, and are using that trademarked name inappropriately.